changes & gratitude

It’s a crazy, upside down, unexpected life, I’ll tell ya. I have to remind myself that I’m not even supposed to be in this country right now. I was supposed to be in Ireland until December. WHAT. Apparently, Jesus thought all I experienced all I needed to in three months. And you know what, it … More changes & gratitude

Say Hi to Jesus

How’s the Covid-19 life going? I finally finished my 14 days of self-isolation upon returning home from Ireland so I got to meet my three week old nephew! Baby was for sure worth the trek over the Atlantic. 🙂 A few days ago, I was listening to a podcast as I took Molly (my dog) … More Say Hi to Jesus

The Cheesy Truth

Hello from sunny Texas (which I view from self-isolation)! After a whirlwind last-minute flight over the Atlantic, I am back in the good ole’ US of A! Due to a lot of reasons (naturally including Covid-19) I made the decision to leave Ireland. While it broke my heart to have my adventures cut short, it … More The Cheesy Truth

Trust // Catholic Resources for the Homebound

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak I find myself struggling with so many emotions. Fear, frustration, anxiety. I’m living in Dublin far away from family. Though my host family is lovely, it’s incredibly difficult and lonely to be so far away during this increasingly intense time. We are living through hard times. The virus itself is concerning … More Trust // Catholic Resources for the Homebound

Cliff Walks & Peace// Notes from my Travel Journal II

I have officially been in Ireland for three weeks now and slowly but surely, I think I’m beginning to adjust. It seemed kind of crazy, to rush off across the ocean right after graduating from college. But for some reason, it felt right. College was stressful for me. I made wonderful friends but the constant … More Cliff Walks & Peace// Notes from my Travel Journal II