On Being Uncomfortable

In many ways, 2018 was an uncomfortable year for me. I began the year by transferring to a new university because my previous university had closed. Change is hard for me. I hold on very deeply to places and people and being forced to begin again terrified me. But I did it. I also worked a summer camp that pushed so far beyond my comfort zone and was extremely difficult for me. But it taught me so much. I had another semester at school where I took my heaviest load yet and struggled to balance everything I was doing. It seemed that I could never really had room to breathe. But I made it through.

            2018 was a year of discomfort for me but I’m okay with that. I know that through being pushed and prodded, I have grown. I know that through these difficult experiences that were not always enjoyable, I have become more of who I am. It is through discomfort that we learn and become better people. We were not created to be merely comfortable. I hope the lessons I learned in this past year will help me become less fearful and more hopeful. I hope that by withstanding these uncomfortable experiences, I will have more confidence in myself going into 2019. I hope I will be more able to do what I am being called to do in 2019.

Happy New Year and May God bless. 


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