Ardent Charity



Last fall, in my job as Publications Specialist for my campus’ ministry I was put in charge of a biannual publication sent to donors. Each semester, a theme is chosen for the publication, and this semester the theme was Marian Virtues. I had never heard of the Marian Virtues before, and I loved learning about them. I’ve wanted to dive deeper into these virtues and try to embody them in my daily life.

One such virtue is Ardent Charity. Ardent is defined as meaning “enthusiastic or passionate” and charity in this context is referring to love. Mary’s love was not lukewarm. She was passionate in her love for God.  Mary let her love for God lead her every decision. She never decided anything out of pride or selfishness. Love was the source behind her every action. She loved God so much that He was her compass behind all that she did.

It’s so easy to say, “um yeah I love God, I want to do everything out of love for Him.” But how do we do this?

Can I let my love for God prompt me to do the dishes for my family instead of letting someone else do it?

Can I let my love for God help me bite down a sarcastic comment that would do no one any good to hear?

Can my love for God help me choose to serve someone else when I am asked instead of making (sometimes quite justifiable) excuses?

We have to be listening. We have to be prudent. God’s probably not going to strike you with lightning every time you’re about to make a bad decision. You have to love Him and allow Him to speak to You.

I hope to be more considerate and try to really determine the motivation for my actions. Is it love of God? Or love of self? It’s not always easy to try to answer these questions. When I take the time to look back on my actions I realize that the motivation behind them is not always good. I fail. A lot. We all do, but we have to keep trying just the same. As St. Padre Pio says, “If you should fail, be humble, make a resolution to be submissive to God’s will and then get up, and carry on.” I think St. Padre Pio would agree with Dory, that we must “just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

Go out and love ardently like Mary and for Jesus.



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