My Brother in Heaven

16422857_10155838877345884_4054364201215461450_o (1)I’ve always known about Will, my parents’ first baby who lived only one day. My parents always acknowledged his birthday (January 28th) as well as his feast day (January 29th). My family would occasionally make a pilgrimage to his burial site where we would pray for the intercession of our little family saint.

Growing up, the knowledge that I had a big brother in heaven was a comforting and sad experience for me. I always knew that Will was in heaven, looking out for me. Though I never knew him on this earth, I missed him and felt his absence. I longed for my big brother whom I never met, he was very real to me. I often imagined he looked like Peter in the Narnia movies and would pray and talk to him. At dance competitions or before a test, I would often pray to Will and ask his advice.

I still pray and ask my big brother’s intercession frequently. I know he is looking out for my family and look forward to the day when we will be reunited.

St. Will, pray for us.

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