The semester is over.

The stress is lessening.

Praise God!

Sometimes, I really don’t think I was made to be a college student…I like early mornings but not late nights of homework…and The stress of college hits me hard and manifests itself with anxiety, headaches, etc…

I’m a perfectionist and want to work super hard to receive good grades. A lot of the pressure I feel is self-induced. But that doesn’t make it easier to bear.

This past semester was one of my craziest. 18 credit hours, teaching multiple dance classes a week, attending dance classes, working my work study job and my campus ministry job, attending two weddings and bridal showers…it was a lot!

I am grateful for the memories and grateful that I made it through it. My motto this semester was “abandonment to Divine Providence.” In one of my classes, Catechetical and Missionary Saints (Haha, yes that is a class I get to take, #TheologyMajor) we read about the North American Jesuit martyrs. Those guys were hardcore. They completely trusted in God and reluniqushd all control to Him.

Learning to relinquish control this past semester and trying not to worry was the biggest lesson I learned this semester.

ONE MORE SEMESTER TO GO! And for now…summer awaits.

Blessings on blessings,

Mary Grace

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