Remembering Hope


This post is written for those who are feeling frustration and despair as a result of the various news regarding abortion.

A recent question recently came up for me while reading the book of Job. Job, in his agony, questions whether it is worth it to continue to seek God if all he receives in return is pain.

My spirit is broken, my days finished, my burial at hand. (Job 17:1)

He begins to lose hope and asks himself where his hope rests.

Where then is my hope, my happiness, who can see it? (Job 17:15)

We are told to hope. We are told to trust. Easier said than done. Especially in light of the recent unrest regarding abortion and the laws surrounding it. It is so difficult to trust and remain steadfast when so many conflicting stories are being told. There is so much pain. When I think of abortion, I think of people. I consider the women who hurt so much that they feel forced to make a fatal choice. I think of those who are working to protect unborn babies such as sidewalk counselors who tirelessly persevere an incredibly painful job. I think of many misguided people who have been tricked into thinking that in order to champion women’s rights they have to ignore the rights of innocent babies. I think of the twisted and evil people who tell women that an abortion will provide freedom for them, those who tell them that it is their right and maybe even their obligation.

How are we to have hope in this culture of death? When I get overwhelmed by despair, I have to remind myself of the need for hope.

My hope can only be in Christ…He who loves, knows all. I do not pretend to understand. But I know that I cannot lose hope in Him despite the temptation of despair which comes from the devil.

He calls us to remain in hope.




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