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That’s what I always heard anyway. Americans in general are obsessed with convenience. Fast food, food delivery, Amazon, Uber, etc., are all examples of the crazy culture of convenience that has developed. (See this interesting/kind of weird article for more about the culture of convenience in the U.S.)

But…when the focus is on what is most convenient, aren’t we missing something?

So much of our lives are planned by what is convenient for us. Personally, I’m a time-miser. I like my time to spent how I want it. I love to plan out my days. This can be good. But, life never goes along to plan and other type-A people will relate when I describe the headachey stress of having to give up your well-laid out plans.

Picture this: I sit at my desk. A cup of tea by my side. A plan for the day written in my planner. Ah, I breathe in. A productive day ahead, where I will follow my schedule exactly. BOOM. CRASH.  Suddenly, I’m being asked to get rid of my plans?! And do something else?! AHHHHHHH.

Sometimes, I think I get so caught up in the stress of the moment that I forgot the big picture. I am a child of God and I am called to do His will, NOT MY OWN.

Having a plan can be a good thing, especially if allows you to stay more organized and make time for things like prayer and fellowship. But God doesn’t play by our plans! He wants us to serve Him always, even (or perhaps especially) when it does not feel convenient for us. He wants you to comfort a friend even when you have a five page paper due the next day. He wants you give up your day in order to organize a service project. He wants you to serve Him always!

We are not called to love others when it is convenient for us. We are called to love them always. When we have no time. When we feel stressed and broken ourselves. We are called to drop everything and ignore our own needs for others.

I have been blessed by God by being surrounded by people who excel at this virtue that I lack. My parents have both been incredible examples of always doing things for others, even when it is incredibly inconvenient (shout out to my dad for dealing with changing the oil of my complicated-to-deal-with car). They don’t think of themselves–they just act, being incredible generous with their time.

Then there is Alyssa, one of my roommates. She is 100% the most bouncy, joyful, person I have ever met in my life. She is the epitome of a sanguine. Alyssa loves others so well. She always finds a way to serve those around her and lightens their burdens. Alyssa bounces into a room, literally forcing her joy upon those around her. When I first met her, I thought, there is no way this girl can be real. She’s so joyful and bubbly. But, she is 100% real and authentic. Her happiness and joy radiates light. She never worries about her own schedule and shrugs her shoulders when a task takes 10x longer than anticipated because she found several people to help along the way.

Last summer, we worked at the same summer camp and I got really sick towards the end of the summer. I remember just sitting in her car with her, just crying and talking to her for hours. She sat beside me, simply listening to me and loving me. She loved me so well through that–never one calling me a crazy person for sobbing in her car for hours (ha).

She understands what is really important in life (hint: it’s not following a schedule) and loves others oh so well.

Alyssa inspires me to love always. Even when it’s not convenient.

Lord, help me take every opportunity to serve You. Give me the strength to die to myself so I can live for You. 

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