Cliff Walks & Peace// Notes from my Travel Journal II


I have officially been in Ireland for three weeks now and slowly but surely, I think I’m beginning to adjust.

It seemed kind of crazy, to rush off across the ocean right after graduating from college. But for some reason, it felt right. College was stressful for me. I made wonderful friends but the constant demand of assignments, activities, and tests had me losing sleep. I lost the ability to be still and calm.

So far, Ireland is teaching me peace.

The highlight of my 2nd week in Ireland was the Bray-Greystones Cliff Walk. The walk begins in the town of Bray, a cute coastal town about an hour outside the center of Dublin. You walk alongside the the coast of Ireland and finish at Greystones harbor. The trail is approximately 7 kilometers long.

tea before starting (naturally)


It was GORGEOUS. As I was walking along, I found I couldn’t stop smiling as I looked out into the ocean. It was just so lovely that I couldn’t even believe it was real. Simply stunning! I went in the afternoon which a pretty popular time. It wasn’t too busy, but I definitely would go in the morning next time to beat tourists.


I had started the day with some anxieties. What if I didn’t make lasting friends here? What if I had made a mistake? Some important events had been going on back home and I keenly felt my absence. But this walk soothed my soul. All was alright. This is where I was supposed to be.


Sitting on a rock, looking out into the ocean, I wrote in my journal:
I’m sitting on a rock, endless blue-grey ocean in front of me. The waves splash against the rocks. What beauty–thank you Lord! I am supposed to be here.


The only downside is when you finally finish the cliff walk and head into the town of Greystones you end up in neighborhood which is under construction. Very anti-climatic!

Greystones was a fun town to explore as well. I finished off my day at a cafe called The Happy Pear which specializes in vegetarian and vegan food. It was delightful (though I kept thinking of how my dad would despise the meatless and veggie-filled healthy, options haha)!

Mary Grace


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