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Amidst the coronavirus outbreak I find myself struggling with so many emotions. Fear, frustration, anxiety.

I’m living in Dublin far away from family. Though my host family is lovely, it’s incredibly difficult and lonely to be so far away during this increasingly intense time.

We are living through hard times. The virus itself is concerning but the response to the virus and the public’s panic is what scares me more than the actual virus. Deep breaths everyone!

One of the hardest things has been the move to cancel all public masses. I watched a recorded mass from my hometown yesterday. It was so hard not being able to be present and receive the Eucharist. So many are feeling this same pain.

I’m even an introvert and social distancing is proving trying. My thoughts and prayers to all the extroverts… 😉

Though it’s hard, most of us are being called to sit still and pray right now. Christ is always there. Favorite prayer right now is simply “Oh Jesus, I trust in you!”

Below are some resources to help you during this trying time! If anyone has any resources to add let me know.

Spiritual Communion Prayer–so powerful. Many saints encouraged this practice.

-5 Things to do if you can’t go to mass tomorrow-great tips for the many of us who are unable to go to mass due to quarantine measures.

Magnificat is offering it’s online services for free. Includes mass readings, prayers, and meditations.

Novena to Our Lady of Monte Berico--a great intercessor!

St. Corona–another great intercessor because of obvious reasons. Her name is Corona, her remains are in Northern Italy and she is the patron saint of epidemics. Coincidence?

Short prayer for those who are sick

Hallow App–a Catholic meditation app designed to help you find peace. Um, sounds like what everyone needs right now. There is a free version which is great.

These saints knew firsthand about surviving pandemics-great article about five saints to look to in these crazy times.

-ChurchServices.TV–time table of live masses streamed online to watch until churches begin to hold public masses again.

-Prayer During an Epidemic

Will be updating this list as I find more resources so check back!

Let’s pray for each other.

_“Pray, hope, and don’t worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayers.” Saint Padre Pio (2)

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