The Cheesy Truth


Hello from sunny Texas (which I view from self-isolation)!

After a whirlwind last-minute flight over the Atlantic, I am back in the good ole’ US of A!

Due to a lot of reasons (naturally including Covid-19) I made the decision to leave Ireland. While it broke my heart to have my adventures cut short, it was obvious that my planned adventures were not going to happen this year.

It was time to come home. While I didn’t have the experience I planned, I had the experience I needed. You would’ve thought by now I would have learned that God does not listen to my plans…Ha. Good one, God!

Now, as I face 10 more days of self-isolation, I am left with the quiet to calmly ponder what I am going to do next, when the world hopefully starts to return to a form of normalcy. Discernment time! It’s hard not knowing what’s next. I am trying to calmly breathe into the darkness and uncertainty, trusting that whatever the coming light will reveal is his will.

Upon returning home I find that though cheesy, it’s true.  There’s no place like home! When I arrived home, I immediately felt so much peace. I didn’t realize how much stress I was under until it was gone. There is nothing like the comfort of home and the simple joys that home offers!

Hope all are staying strong and calm in these uncertain times.

Jesus, I trust in You!

Mary Grace

3 thoughts on “The Cheesy Truth

  1. Dearest graddaughter,
    I marvel at your wisdom. Only one who follows HIM seems to reveal the insight of God’s control. Not that you know, but that you accept the decisions of your creator; as He made the mountains, and the sea, the heights and depths of our very being with His wisdom love and mercy, so we can rely on that wondrous Creator. “Count it all joy.” said the brother of Jesus, James.


    1. MGD, you always inspire me with your writing!!!! You definitely have a gift! I am so excited you are back in Texas, though sorry you didn’t get your full year in Ireland. I love the name of your website! Marygraced! It makes your name a verb! I am totally going to start using it that way!! Love you!


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