Say Hi to Jesus

the saint that chose me (2)

How’s the Covid-19 life going?

I finally finished my 14 days of self-isolation upon returning home from Ireland so I got to meet my three week old nephew! Baby was for sure worth the trek over the Atlantic. 🙂

A few days ago, I was listening to a podcast as I took Molly (my dog) on a walk. The guest on the podcast told a story about how she made a small shift in her daily prayer. To begin her day, she used to always pray for Jesus to remain with her throughout the day. One day, while about to pray, she realized Jesus was already with her. He was always there. She just had to choose to be with Him. She changed her prayer and instead began to pray for her to choose to be with Jesus instead. I like to think of this as remembering to say hi to Jesus throughout the day!

I’m looking at a lot of free time right now. More than I’ve ever been used to. Yet, when there is so much open time, sometimes it can be a struggle to choose a time to pray and be with God. It’s so much easier to distract myself than to pray…so I’ve been trying to structure my day with prayer built in. It helps a lot.

Practicing God’s presence is an especially good prayer for right now so we can remember he is always with us. Even as we are separated from the sacraments, separated from our churches, separated from our friends, we are not separated from Him. We just need to choose Him throughout the day. Don’t forget to say hi to Jesus!

I’ve been trying to find snippets of time when…

-doing the dishes

-folding laundry

-in between tasks, taking a few seconds to close my eyes and breathe in and out


-going on walks

Challenge for RIGHT NOW: close your eyes for five seconds and say hi to Jesus. He’s there waiting for you.

Cheers to surviving another week!

Mary Grace


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